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Ken Heselton traded as KEH Energy Engineering from 1995 to 2017 when he pulled up roots along with his wife and deaf sister-in-law and moved to Florida.

The move to Florida was precipitated in January of 2016 by a 24 inch snowstorm the day after Ken had surgery when they had plans to hop into their motorhome and spend the rest of the winter months in Florida. That and the frequent trips he had to make to Pennsylvania to handle some problem for Sue's sister made the move imperative

Maryland, and most other states, require any company with the word "engineering" in the company name has to have a practicing Licensed Professional Engineer in charge.

Ken did not care to travel between Maryland and Florida regularly in order to continue serving his customers. Without that business the cost of maintaining the PE license was not justifiable. He was still committed to the Maryland Department of the Environment to provide training of boiler operators in combustion optimization.

So, KEH-EE became KEH Energy Expertise and this web site has been changed to eliminate offers to perform Engineering design work.

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