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Expert testimony involving boilers, explosions, and energy

KEH now has experience providing expert testimony in cases involving boilers. KEH is also qualified to testify on fuel explosions and energy related issues.

On-line Consulting Services

Help with your energy problems is only an e-mail away and you only pay for success. Let KEH help with a problem. Be the hero, you don't have to tell anyone you contacted a consultant. Any assistance offered by KEH is guaranteed to help you find a solution. Should you feel you were not helped a simple letter stating so is all that's necessary. A purchase order number or other form of payment offer is all that is required for KEH to work on your problem. See the Terms and Conditions page for rates, etc.

Plant modifications analysis:

KEH services include analysis of boiler plant modifications to determine constructability, serviceability, and suggest means of reducing life cycle costs at the design stage. KEH performs studies for analysis of common applications including economizers (which can recover 6% of most fuel bills) and new controls that can produce savings of 2% to 25%. KEH is familiar with new technologies including CHX's (condensing heat exchangers) which can save as much as 25% of a fuel bill.

Construction document review

Benefit from a review of your construction documents by KEH. Allow 22 years of experience bidding boiler plant work serve you to catch potential conflicts, omissions, and basis for extras - before going to bid.

Construction inspection

With 25+ years of experience in construction contracting, knowledge of applicable codes, and engineering know-how, KEH can provide effective and beneficial inspection of boiler plant construction projects.

Consulting on specific problems

KEH serves many of the Baltimore area contractors and consulting engineers in troubleshooting mechanical systems.

Idea development

KEH has an excellent record of converting concepts to reality. A few are described in KEH personal information.

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