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A presentation by Ken Heselton, a retired Licensed Professional Engineer with over 50 years of experience in operating, maintaining, designing, construction and commissioning of boiler plants and related systems.

This two hour presentation provides a Plant Manager with guidelines for using the facility's log books to develop everything from critical planning information to means of controlling costs.

Some rather dramatic examples of failure to maintain a quality log are described from Ken's experience. Basic rules for what logs should be maintained, what should be in those logs, and how the logs can provide guidelines for operation and maintenance are covered.

This two hour presentation can be performed at your venue for the small price of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) plus travel and living expenses. When presented as part of a luncheon or dinner meeting, deduct $50.00 for Ken's meal. To arrange for a presentation on the plant log, e-mail Ken at KEH Energy Expertise

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