KEH Energy Expertise


KEH classes are dedicated to the improvement of boiler operations to reduce operating cost and equipment failures.


This is a generic course designed to give apprentices and fledgeling boiler operators a base upon which to build an understanding of the operation of a boiler plant, how to handle unusual conditions that arise, and how to prevent problems before they happen. Trainees are shown how to monitor equipment and their own performance. - 40 hours classroom, up to twelve people - $4,000 plus travel and living expenses for Ken to travel to the training site if outside Saint Lucie and Martin Counties in Florida. The price includes a:

Boiler Operator's Handbook

Ken Heselton's "Boiler Operator's Handbook" published by Fairmont Press. In writing it Ken made every effort to avoid the normal criticism of operator's handbooks. This one was written by a boiler operator for boiler operators, even though the author is also an engineer. The book addresses the operation of the plant, not its engineering. One copy is furnished for all the individuals from each company purchasing the class for attendees to share. See News for more information on the book.

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