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30 year's of design-build experience provided by KEH can assure you get an optimum installation. KEH performed many life-cycle cost analysis on boiler plant projects and considers the life-cycle cost of each component where choices are available.

KEH has justified purchasing pumps costing twice as much as lower priced ones because the difference in operating cost recovered the difference in pump prices in one year. Fans, boilers, and other plant equipment can also be evaluated to determine the optimum choice.

The real advantage of using KEH is experience, not only in evaluating the choices for optimum life cycle cost but to advise on the incorporation of alternatives and additional devices and systems that reduce operating cost or operating and first cost combined to achieve a lower life cycle cost.

KEH experience in the design of control systems to comply with the Codes and provide seamless operation in all stages (startup, continuous operation, shutdown and idle)is invaluable.

A simple e-mail to KEH (from the home page) can put you in contact with someone who has experience in achieving the lowest life cycle cost in terms of dollars and effort.

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