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A presentation by Ken Heselton, a retired Licensed Professional Engineer with over 50 years of experience in operating, maintaining, designing, construction and commissioning of boiler plants and related systems.

This presentation provides a personal touch to the subject that helps younger Engineers develop a respect and understanding of the necessity of flexibility in the design and construction of piping systems. Ken's personal experiences, beginning with a piece of gasket hitting him on the head in 1967 to those he's encountered recently provide lessons that, by virtue of their humor on the one hand and serious nature on the other, become a life lesson that's difficult to forget. The presentation offers Engineers:

At least three weeks notice is required to allow Ken to practice the presentation. This three hour presentation can be performed at your venue for the small price of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) plus travel and living expenses. When presented as part of a luncheon or dinner meeting, deduct $100.00 for Ken's meal. To arrange for a presentation on piping flexibility, e-mail Ken at KEH Energy Expertise

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