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If you are a consulting engineer or design-build contractor looking to satisfy a customer's requirements to design a boiler plant or modifications to an existing boiler plant you should take advantage of almost 50 year's experience in design-build. KEH has design experience with plants from 16 horsepower to over half a million pounds of steam per hour and all capacities in between.

Since commencing retirement, KEH no longer assumes full responsibility for the design of a project, but will work with an engineering firm that wants his input for the boiler specialty work only. KEH will also assist a firm that simply wants a review of their design.

The design-build experience provided by KEH can assure the customer that he is getting the optimum installation. KEH performed many life-cycle cost analysis on boiler plant projects and considers the life-cycle cost of each component where choices are available. KEH has justified purchasing pumps costing twice as much as lower priced ones because the difference in operating cost recovered the difference in pump prices in one year. That's only one example

The knowledge and understanding of KEH in piping system design coupled with the ability to perform computerized piping flexibility analysis ensures a Code compliant design at the lowest construction cost.

KEH experience in the design of control systems to comply with the Codes and provide seamless operation in all stages (startup, continuous operation, shutdown and idle)is invaluable.

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