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KEH training concentrates on fundamentals which are excellent review material for those in the industry and are exceptional introductory courses for people that don't know what a Btu is. Ken can set up presentations for plant operators to learn the intricacies of boilers, burners, burner management systems, boiler control systems, piping systems, and specific plant auxiliaries.

You do know that a well trained, experienced and dedicated operator can hold down the fuel bill by at least 15% don't you? Also be aware that lack of training and other factors can allow that same person to cost you as much at 50% more than it should. Ken does his best to give operators an incentive to be the former and many ways to accomplish it.

Take advantage of Ken's 55 years of experience in the operation, design, construction, commissioning, and troubleshooting of boiler plants. Get specialized instruction, tuned to your procedures and policies.

Ken has a plethora of photos, prepared presentations, and presentation segments that he can combine quickly to create a training program that is not only educational but entertaining. These presentations can be as long or as short as you wish. Anything from a one hour lunch program to multi-day retreat bundles are possible. For a free proposal simply e-mail a scope of what you would like covered to KEH Energy Expertise

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