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This course teaches boiler operators the basic elements of combustion turbine operation to aid them in the conversion from a typical steam plant to a modern cogeneration plant. Specialized training by the manufacturer of the equipment they will be operating should follow because there are so many distinct differences in the operation of these plants. This course leads into that training.

Fundamentals of combustion turbines is covered with a comparison to boilers and reciprocating engines to support the operator's perception of the equipment. Terminology is covered to the extent possible because this is still a new field in power generation.

The application of heat recovery boilers and HRSG's (heat recovery steam generators) is explained covering the different stages of heat recovery, the concept of pinch points and how performance of one stage can affect another.

The application of duct burners is addressed, explaining their unique fuel only operation and how they are used to increase capacity and/ or superheat.

Having developed an understanding of the operation of a combustion turbine and HRSG the operator is walked through the processes of startup, normal operation, shutdown and crash shutdown of a combustion turbine plant.

Features including combined cycle operation, mist cooling, and aeroderivative operations are covered as well.

This is an 8 hours classroom session for up to ten operators. Cost is $1,600 plus travel and living expenses for Ken from his new home in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

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