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Procedures Analysis:

Save energy using simple procedure changes. It's easy when an experienced energy engineer shows you how. Purchased fuel and power savings of 10% are typical. How can you save energy by changing procedures? Frequently procedures are followed that were developed to accommodate equipment or processes that no longer exist. Changes in the process served or the equipment using steam or hot water alter the way the plant should be operated. Sometimes it's a procedure that shouldn't have been implemented initially.

Heat balance analysis:

Can you compete with the power company by generating power? If your facility uses steam at low pressures and reasonably constant rates throughout the year you can. Most power companies throw out 60% of the energy they put into steam but you use yours.

Controls upgrades:

Savings of 5 to 25% are possible by upgrading boiler plant operating controls. KEH has implemented control strategies on boilers ranging in size from 20 boiler horsepower to 500,000 pounds per hour (15,500 boiler horsepower)

Benefit from the experience of others:

KEH has gleaned information from hundreds of operating boiler plants and learned what programs work for his customers and which ones create problems.

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