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This course features a program for auditing boiler plants but the title is deceptive. Efficiency doesn't cover it, what is important is economic operation. The KEH performance audit uses the same concept that's used for boiler efficiency, measuring losses, calculating them as a percent of input, and subtracting that result from 100% to determine efficiency.

The advantage of that method is clarified when evaluating options to improve the overall plant efficiency because one can attack the individual losses to produce a simple change in the overall percentage. All the common methods of improving performance are addressed along with a few that are typically ignored.

This seminar will address all the energy conservation measures required by EPA under the Area Source Boiler Rule and documentation will include spreadsheets for analyzing each one. While there is no rule for qualifying energy assessors the course provides enough guidance attendees would be able to declare themselves as one.

The standard myths are debunked.

In addition to the two day seminar attendees will recieve follow-up notices from KEH regarding advances in technology, metallurgy, etc. that can be used to reduce plant costs. Cost is $3,300 plus travel and living expenses from Port Saint Lucie, Florida to your pre-arranged training site.

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