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KEH classes are dedicated to the improvement of boiler operations to reduce operating cost and equipment failure.


This is a generic course designed to give boiler operators a base upon which to build an understanding of the operation of a boiler plant, how to handle unusual conditions that arise, and how to prevent problems before they happen. Operators are shown how to monitor equipment and their own performance. - 40 hours classroom, up to twelve operators - $7,000 plus travel and living expenses for sites outside the Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan area.

Boiler Operator's Handbook

KEH just finished a "Boiler Operator's Handbook" be published by Fairmont Press. In writing it Ken made every effort to avoid the normal criticism of operator's handbooks. This one was written by a boiler operator for boiler operators, even though the author is also an engineer. The book addresses the operation of the plant, not its engineering. See News for more information on the book.


KEH provides three programs accepted by the Maryland Department of the Environment as training in combustion optimization in accordance with COMAR 26-11-09.08-H. The course addresses much more than a discussion combustion optimization required by the regulation. It includes an explanation of the source of emissions with the normal operating activities to reduce emissions that also save on fuel. Graphic presentation includes photographs taken at the operator's plant to facilitate learning.

Combustion Optimization and operating boilers to reduce emissions - up to 12 operators - $1,200* for first class, $600 for duplicate classes for additional personnel on the same day, $800 for a repeat class on another day. Each operator will receive a color certificate for attending the course.

Adjustment of boilers for Combustion Optimization - $1,200* plus $200** per operator. Price includes EPA-340 (described below). This segment applies to boilers with simple parallel positioning controls.

Adjustment of Boiler Controls for Combustion Optimization - $1,600* plus $350** per operator. This segment applies to boilers with full metering combustion controls. Price includes EPA-340 (described below).

* Add expenses for travel outside the Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan area.

** Fees per operator cover individual review with each operator while actually performing the work in his or her boiler room using the owner's equipment for combustion analysis. Each operator must demonstrate an understanding of the process of combustion optimization and its application to receive a certificate for adjusting boilers or controls. When KEH deems an operator incapable of performing the task safely that operator will receive a certificate for attending the course.

"EPA Combustion Efficiency Optimization Manual
for Operators of Oil- and Gas-Fired Boilers."

This document, EPA-340, is available as a reproduction off microfiche from the government printing office but KEH has reproduced it and had it printed in a clean, legible format. For a copy of this 62 page reproduction send $10.00; add $3.00 for first class delivery.

The document explains how to adjust boilers for optimum combustion efficiency to reduce emissions. However, it requires experience, common sense and skill to apply the instructions safely.

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