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An online order form is provided below. KEH has converted proven training presentations to documents for individual training on the job or at home. Each person is supplied with his own CD containing a presentation of the course that is identical in video to the classroom presentation with narration by KEH. Time is actual presenation time, exclusive of breaks. The course is followed by an online examination and, when applicable, a demonstration the person must satisfactorily complete. The price includes the exam and, when required, the demonstration. It does not include expenses for traveling more than 80 miles outside the Baltimore Metro area.

These courses are not dedicated to a customer's particular site like the classroom presentations but they are tuned to the type of boiler plant that you have. Please select your type of boiler plant and fuel(s) fired on the form (below) when ordering a copy of the course. The plant type and fuel type doesn't restrict the training to that selection. Selecting all plant types and all fuels results in a generic edition of the course.

*COMBUSTION OPTIMZATION FOR BOILER OPERATORS under construction $200.00 per person
*COMBUSTION OPTIMIZATION by TUNING BOILERS 2 hours, 37 minutes + $600.00 per person
*COMBUSTION OPTIMZATION by TUNING BOILER CONTROLS under construction $800.00 per person

* Add $100 per person for coal fired boilers.

+ Additional time on site is required for the person to demonstrate knowledge of the process. Travel and living expenses for KEH to attend the demonstration are not included.

Payment terms are cash in advance. On receipt of your order KEH will prepare a CD or CD's for each individual taking the course which will be mailed, first class, within three business days of receipt of your payment. Each CD will include a unique password that the individual taking the course uses to access the CD and go online to take the exam. Passing the exam and, where applicable, a successful demonstration is required for certification.

Each copy of the course CD can be retained by the individual for review and reference. The unique password provided on that CD is required for taking the exam and downloading forms and other materials from this web site. Terms include an agreement confirming you will not duplicate, or pass on the presentation, the exam, or a description of the content to others without the express written consent of KEH Energy Engineering.