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A presentation by Ken Heselton, a Licensed Professional Engineer with almost 50 years of experience in operating, maintaining, designing, construction and commissioning of controls for boiler plants and related systems.

This three day presentation explains the fundamentals of controls then leads the operator through control technology from the time of the Romans to our present microprocessor based systems. The subject matter is described using graphics of control elements and, when permitted, photographs of the trainee's plant. Permission to visit the plant and take photographs of control elements is respectfully requested, alternatively the purchaser can have an employee take the requested photos and provide them to KEH in JPEG format after clearing them for this use.

Operators attending the class will be exposed to mathamatical applications and will be provided with a calculator and instructed how to use it. A portion of the time may be spent in the plant using the features of any distributed control or SCADA system that the operators would be using. The operators will also be provided with a notebook containing material relative to the class and a useful appendix. The class will cover:

This three day presentation can be performed at your venue for the sum of forty-five hundred dollars ($4,500.00) plus travel and living expenses. When luncheon is provided, deduct $100.00 for Ken's meals. To arrange for a presentation on controls, e-mail Ken at KEH Energy Engineering

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