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While there is no rule for qualifying energy assessors KEH education and experience meets all criteria established by EPA under 40 CFR Part 63, Subpart JJJJJ.

Assessing boiler plants can be deceptive. Efficiency doesn't cover it, what is important is economic operation. The energy assessment uses the same methodology that's used for boiler efficiency, measuring losses, calculating them as a percent of input, and subtracting that result from 100% to determine efficiency. Then a value can be placed on each element of the boiler plant and using systems to determine where improvements should be made.

The assessment will address all the energy conservation measures required by EPA under the Area Source Boiler Rule including:

KEH will present some unique and novel concepts that have resulted in lowering operating costs. The analysis will address all resources, especially the performance by people, that can effectively reduce fuel consumption which naturally reduces a plant's emissions.

The standard myths are debunked.

An initial walkthrough is required to determine what all must be addressed in a complete energy assessment and that is normally achieved in one day at a cost of $960.00 (plus travel and living expenses for sites outside the Baltimore metropolitan area). A report of the walkthrough assessment will provide an indication of potential improvements, a proposal for continuing to provide a complete energy assessment, and an order of magnitude estimate of reduced fuel, electic power, and water costs.

EPA acknowledges employees can provide an energy assessment and KEH can present a seminar on that subject. click here to check out the seminar.

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